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[IP] MiniMed 512 - now pumping!

On Monday, July 28th, I hooked up, for the first time ever, to a pump - and
I'm thrilled! 

I have to share my excitement over my brand new MiniMed Paradigm 512 pump.  

The new linked BD meter is incredible - ultra thin lancets, test strips that
require the tiniest speck of blood, results within 5 seconds, and INSTANT
transmittal of the blood glucose result from the meter to the pump - WOW!

The pump's Bolus Wizard is so easy to use. The best part is NO more
calculations - just plug in the carb load - it does all of the thinking for me
by using
the carb input, the transmitted BGL and preset sensitivity, ratios, etc. and
comes up with a recommended bolus for meals and corrections.

And MiniMed customer service and support has been the greatest.

I considered the Cozmo pump, but I didn't like it's large size, and I
definitely would not have wanted it to get larger with the Cozmore attachment.
certain I made the right choice and only wish I had started pumping earlier.
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