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[IP] Joslin Certificate/Medal

Andy wrote:
> I went to Joslin 30 years ago and I came away much better educated
>about how to treat my diabetes and immensely reassured that it could
>be more tightly controlled. I've practiced what they preached ever
>I have some difficulty believing a legacy of "horror stories". I still
>have my "Joslin Diabetes Teaching Guide" and the "Joslin Diabetes
>Manual" is still my first source in case of questions about treatment.
>I can find absolutely no trace of horror stories in either.
>And in mine, they were right on target.
>I humbly suggest it's not.  (the "doom & gloom" approach approach)
> I have the notes I took at every session
>(which I just reread) and vivid memories of my conversations with
>staff. No gloom, no doom. Ever. Straight talk and lots of good sense
>about how to make the most out of life with a disease that's,
>literally and figuratively, a PITA.
>regards, Andy

Thanks, Andy.  It's good to know that my experience was/is not the norm.  I'm
going to *lighten up* on Joslin!  Thanks for presenting the opportunity for me
to let that one go.  Another piece of mental baggage unloaded!
Lee & Beep
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