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[IP] Re: Re: Frozen shoulder

On Thursday, July 31, 2003, "jhughey" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Here is an excerpt from
> http://www.faqs.org/faqs/diabetes/faq/part3/section-22.html
> o Everybody I talked to who had ever treated "frozen shoulder" said 
> that
>     every patient they'd seen with it got over it in two years, no 
> matter
>     whether they did the exercises or not.
Oh gosh, sorry anyone who is counting on 2 years being the end of it.  
With some of us, they recur.  I've always gotten over the painful, 
seriously debilitating episodes within a matter of months (usually 
weeks), but since 1986 I have had several periods of painful freezing 
in each shoulder (one as recently as last year).

At this point, as soon as I notice the pain, I try to start using a 
heated gel pad on the painful shoulder just before going to bed (and 
sometimes going to sleep with it) -- that is the thing I've found most 
helpful in dealing with the pain.  I don't think exercise has ever 
headed any off (that being what I tried for years -- and yes, I do 
still routinely do shoulder exercises), and my last physical therapist 
actually suggested I experiment with stopping them during the acute 
phase (on the theory that they may be actually making it worse then).  
But exercise has always helped me get the motion back, once the acute 
phase ends (well, mostly back -- I've never fully regained that 
reaching around the back motion).  And, even in periods when the 
shoulders are not  causing any particular problems, if I stop the 
exercises, my range of motion decreases very quickly.

Linda Z
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