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Re: [IP] Scared of an infusion set


I also have MAJOR fear of needles and would not even give myself a shot in
the stomach until I was 24. (I was dx at age 4) I always thought that the
stomach shots burned.  When I first started looking into the pump one of the
reps let me try inserting a few different sets.  None felt right and I
"thought" that I could feel the cannula inside.  I also had sores after only
wearing some of the sites for a few hours.  I then chickened out of the
pump----only to give it another try a year later.  I currently use the
Quicksets which go in at a 90 degree angle and I use the inserter.  I do not
numb the area at all, but I still need to pysch myself out to press the
button to insert.  I still get a little burn that lasts a few minutes, but
this is only once in a great while.  I would not be able to do it without
the inserter that is for sure!!!  Only advice for you is to actually try the
various sets well before you start pumping.  Tell your rep that you are not
going to invest thousands of dollars on something until you are sure of what
you are doing and which set you actually want.  Many times the companies
will just send out an assortment or ask your CDE which one you should use.
Try them all for yourself and don't feel pressured!

Sorry so long

Good luck --- life will be better with the pump
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Subject: [IP] Scared of an infusion set

> Hi there all,
> I've been doing so much thinking about the pump- and this list has helped
> lot.
> Here's a question all you experienced people may scoff at, but has been
> troubling me.
> How much does putting in an infusion set hurt?
> I give myself (many) shots a day -- short tip, ultrafine BDs. But
> acclimating to them when I was diagnosed type 1 at age 21 took a long
> I had to stay in the hospital for a few days because I was "noncompliant"
> -- hovering over my belly with needle poised for, like, hours on end. Now,
> of course, except for the ill placed jab, I find them painless.
> But mentally, I was always terrified of needles. So now, I'm having these
> actual nightmares wherein I basically experience the fear of needles
> just with an infusion set.
> Could people give an honest comparison between infusion sets and shots,
> maybe a few hints about how you might have dealt with these fears in
> yourself (or your children)?
> Thanks,
> Ruth
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