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Re: [IP] Meters Differ in readings

> I have (3) One Touch Ultra's... They read out as 150/190/210, with
> the same drop of blood, at the same time.

Two of the meters read the same -- 190 and 210 -- so you have one
meter, the one that reads 150, that's very different from the others.
I'll call this the LO meter. I'll call one of the other two meters the
HI meter. Your comparison suggests that the LO meter is 25% lower than
the HI meter. IMHO, that's a lot IF it's consistent.

Try the same comparison at least 10 more times and try to cover the
whole bg range, from < 80 to > 250. Is the LO meter result always 25%
lower than that of the HI meter? If so, take both meters to the lab.
Have your bg tested and test your LO and HI meters at the same time.
Remember to correct the values for plasma/whole blood as appropriate.
If the LO meter is more than 10% lower than the lab result, call
Lifescan and ask them to replace it.

regards, Andy
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