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[IP] I didn't die from the hot fudge and caramel sauce

i can certainly relate to that..... ive been diabetic (i think im type 
1.0104, but im not sure ;-),
longer then there has been friendlys (i think)....

i took my daughter to dinner,  and DID NOT just TASTE her fudge sundae, but 
had my VERY OWN (i need to shout that........ please excuuuuuuuuuuse me)....
i may not (well, i sort of do), remember the day i got DM, but, ill never 
forget the day, i had that FIRST sundae

(funny thing is, after so many years, i dont really have all that much a 
taste for them, but KNOWING i can, makes all the difference, in the world).....

when you see a pumper on the street, tell him (her), they can go eat 
cake..... real cake ;-)

BTW... it IS good to test, but, one test will not yield significant 
results... many many test, are required!!
(not talkin' bs here, either)
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