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Re: [IP] Scared of an infusion set

Ruth, i took a look at the mini-med infusion set about 1 year ago, and
said, "see ya"

this was the worst thing about the pump for me. It looked like a dagger.
Thanks but 

i'll take my 6-7 long needle 29g shots per day. 

Well i'm here to tell ya, you won't feel a thing using the serter. Blam and
its in, no pain
no problem. Go ahead and do it.


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>Hi there all,
>I've been doing so much thinking about the pump- and this list has helped a 
>Here's a question all you experienced people may scoff at, but has been 
>troubling me.
>How much does putting in an infusion set hurt?
>I give myself (many) shots a day -- short tip, ultrafine BDs. But 
>acclimating to them when I was diagnosed type 1 at age 21 took a long time- 
>I had to stay in the hospital for a few days because I was "noncompliant" 
>-- hovering over my belly with needle poised for, like, hours on end. Now, 
>of course, except for the ill placed jab, I find them painless.
>But mentally, I was always terrified of needles. So now, I'm having these 
>actual nightmares wherein I basically experience the fear of needles again, 
>just with an infusion set.
>Could people give an honest comparison between infusion sets and shots, and 
>maybe a few hints about how you might have dealt with these fears in 
>yourself (or your children)?
>Ruth Jennison
>English Dept.
>University of California, Berkeley
>320 Wheeler Hall
>Berkeley, California
>tel. 510-666-0560
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