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[IP] Scared of an infusion set

Hi there all,

I've been doing so much thinking about the pump- and this list has helped a 
Here's a question all you experienced people may scoff at, but has been 
troubling me.

How much does putting in an infusion set hurt?
I give myself (many) shots a day -- short tip, ultrafine BDs. But 
acclimating to them when I was diagnosed type 1 at age 21 took a long time- 
I had to stay in the hospital for a few days because I was "noncompliant" 
-- hovering over my belly with needle poised for, like, hours on end. Now, 
of course, except for the ill placed jab, I find them painless.
But mentally, I was always terrified of needles. So now, I'm having these 
actual nightmares wherein I basically experience the fear of needles again, 
just with an infusion set.

Could people give an honest comparison between infusion sets and shots, and 
maybe a few hints about how you might have dealt with these fears in 
yourself (or your children)?



Ruth Jennison
English Dept.
University of California, Berkeley
320 Wheeler Hall
Berkeley, California
tel. 510-666-0560

Left Turn
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