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[IP] Dieting, was Type 1 vs. Type 2

>I didn't
>eat the way I should but I have been on almost every diet that existed until 
>the last 10 years when I finally said NO MORE!! That I was ot going to abuse 
 >my body by not eating. I can remember going for months on end when I would eat
>1000 calories a day and MAYBE lose 10 lbs only to gain that 10 back plus 
>another 10 when I would just go up to eating 1500. I couldn't win for losing. 
>I tried Weight Watchers, three times. 

 I wanted to respond to this, not directed to Liz specifically, but as a word of
 caution in general. "Dieting" in general will actually gradually make you gain
MORE weight.  Low calorie diets, in particular, are EXTREMELY poor at 
generating weight loss, and ultimately result in weight GAIN.  The reason is 
 that the body responds to the diet by modifying the metabolism. Once you start
eating the least bit more food, the body reacts by gaining a bunch of weight 
to "compensate" for the starvation it was experiencing. This is why so many 
diets work initially, but ultimately fail.  The Atkin's Diet is a good example 
 of this if not done carefully. Most people will lose lots of weight on Atkin's
Diet...but the part you never hear about is how as soon as you return to any 
normal/healthy eating style, the weight just comes RIGHT back because the 
body's metabolism has changed.

The solution is to REDUCE calorie intake while increasing your metabolism 
 through exercise or at least some additional activity. Just as an example, our
neighbor has been dieting and exercising for several months, but had hardly 
lost anything.  She was eating about 20 carbs a day, low calories.  However, 
she found out she was doing her diet wrong, and actually INCREASED her food 
intake to 70 carbs a day, etc.  SHe immediately started LOSING weight as a 
result.  The key to weight loss is NOT necessarily limiting calories 
drastically, but eating just UNDER what you need to maintain your weight.

> And some of us can't exercise like you think we should....we are disabled. 
 >It's called an invisible disability...chronic pain from things like neuropathy
>in my case which is severe enough to keep me housebound. I can't walk more 
>than 50 ft without pain. Here is a link that you might want to read before 
>passing more judgments. http://www.invisibledisabilities.com/ Liz

This problem, of course, complicates weight loss for anyone.  There are 
many "newer" exercises that can be done that help increase metabolism without 
 stressing the body in any way. Of course, what each person is capable of doing
is highly variable, but something to check into.

In general, to eat healthy and lose weight:

1. Increase your intake of fiber without increasing your intake of fat and 
other carbs.
 2. Avoid foods that have saturated and transfats. (Transfats are NOT currently
listed, but look for the word "hydrogenated" in the ingrediant list...if it is 
there, avoid it!)  
3. Increase intake of monounsaturated fats...particularly olive oil.  While 
this doesn't help lose weight...when done in combination with 2, you'll find 
that, overall, you are consuming far less unhealthy foods.
4. Eat more fruits and veggies.
5. Add activity to your life when possible (not necessarily exercise 

That's it.  I, personally, don't recommend trying to count calories, or carbs 
(well, except from the diabetic perspective), or fat specifically.  

 Also, as Liz pointed out, your "ideal weight" might not be the ideal weight for
 YOU. Some people are SUPPOSED to weigh more, though not in any excess. Trying
to weigh 120 lbs might not be reasonable, but 140 or 160 lbs is, for example.

Again, this post is not meant to "accuse" anyone...just offering helpful 
 advice. My wife has struggled with her weight her whole life, and is only just
now starting to see all of this!  Dieting is bad!!!!

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