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Re: [IP] Meters Differ in readings

Actually, another fluctuation are the strips.  You should ensure that you are 
also using the strips from the same "batch", and ensure that your meters are 
 coded to those strips. I've seen a 50 mg/dL difference in readings once when I
first tested without adjusting the code, and then testing again immediately 
afterwards using the new code.

Also, values can be 40% off from one another (+/- 20% means a total variation 
of 40%).  In the example given (150/190/210) they are all within the +/- 20%.  
For example, if your BGL was ACTUALLY 175, then 210 would be + 20%, 190 would 
be about + 8.5%, and 150 would be - 8.5%.


> All meters in the US have to be +/- 20% of a calibrated factory setting. One 
 >your meters mybe on the top of the + and one on the bottom of the -. As long
>they are in 20% of each other it is ok. Frist never try and compare meters of
>different manufactures. If you are trying to compare meters of the same model
>and manufacturer
>  use the same blood sample and at the same time. Ther will be some difference
>but not to much.....Jim
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