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[IP] question about Disetronic pump future

Hello all,
It has been an awfully LONG time since I have posted anything to IP. (I'm in
Nursing School )

I wanted to know if anyone knew what would be done with all the "defective"
pumps once they get back on track again.  Will ours be replaced?  Although I
have not had one minute of trouble since hooking up to mine (H-Tron+ V100) in
Jan 2000, I have already contacted Minimed to see about getting switched to
one of theirs.  If there is anyone out there that is passionate about their
Deltec Cozmo (sp?) Email me privately about  how it's been for you.  I'm
Also if any one had anything to say about the way all of this was
handled....let me add my $.02 worth.  I am a certified pump trainer for
Disetronic and I knew nothing about any of this until the UPS guy was at my
door with the letter last week.  I'm not sure what to think of that.

Thanks to any one who can answer my questions.  Happy Pumping.
Sheila Morris
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