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[IP] Re: manipulation


 Just thought I would share my experience with the dreaded frozen shoulder. 
Mine  froze about 2 years ago, and was so painful I was sure it was broken. 
After having cortisone shots (with resultant bg's in the 500's for a couple of 
days) , I was sent for PT (physical torture) 3 times a week, thru most of last 
summer. After 3 months of that, the therapist and I agreed there had been very 
little improvement. She also had said mine was about as bad as she had ever 
 seen a shoulder frozen as I could hardly raise my arm to steer the car. Anyway,
I scheduled an appt with a highly regarded ortho surgeon (I live in S Jersey). 
He agreed to do manipulation, which was scheduled for Jan '03, almost a year 
after the beginning of the shoulder problem and 2 months after my appt with 
him. Well, a week before the manipulation I realized that the pain was 
 diminishing and shoulder loosening up - I could even sleep thru the nite again.
cancelled my manipulation and decided to take a "wait and see" approach. 
   Well, here I am, six months later (a total of 1 and a half years after the 
saga began) and I am almost back to normal. Probably about 90%. I can even 
 get my arm around to fasten a bra in the back, and can lift it almost
vertical. I am hopeful that a couple more months will show even more 
   Not trying to sway you one way or another, just sharing my own experience. 
AND, 3 months ago I was able to paint the living room walls, even up to the 
ceiling. Good therapy, as Gail said,  and great results!

Best wishes,
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