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[IP] Re: Johnson/humor, Type 1 vs. Type 2

>>- -sounds a little like something that came up a few months ago
> You may call him Raymond Johnson
> others my call him Ray J Johnson
> still, others my call him RJ Johnson
> yet others my call him Raymond Jay Johnson Jr.
> BUT, you know what ??
> to All, hes "Mr Johnson"
> (some of you, will get that, others wont)
> (if you need to hear it.... go here:
> Like it matters soooo much, what its called, and why.???<<

I freely admit it bothers me that, within the diabetic community, 
some people don't know, or care to know, the difference between the 
types of diabetes.  That bothers me more than the general public not 
knowing, which we complain about often on this list.

The reason it is important to me is that I have a 16 y/o son who was 
dx at age 9.  I can't tell you how many times people have said, and 
still do, things like "why is he using insulin and not just taking 
medicine?", "oh, his diabetes must be really bad if he has to take 
insulin" (ditto that sentence and change insulin to the word pump), 
"did he eat a lot of sugar when he was little?", "why don't you 
restrict his carbs and have him do regular exercise so he doesn't 
have to use insulin?", "it's good that he has it now, maybe he'll 
outgrow it", and my favorite, the overweight Type 2 diabetic who now 
uses insulin and says "Yeah, I'm a Type 1, too."  If diabetics 
themselves are giving incorrect information to others, that just 
further complicates the whole understanding issue.  I have run across 
many Type 2 diabetics who think they are Type 1 because they have 
progressed to insulin.  Anyway, you get the point.  And I'm not 
implying that ALL Type 2's are overweight.  My dad is Type 2 and is 
not overweight at all.  But being overweight and lack of exercise are 
the biggest factors in developing Type 2.  I don't want my son to be 
in that classification.  No matter what he did or didn't do, he would 
still have Type 1.  If that makes me a pain in the butt, I'll accept 

Okay.  I'm sure everyone is tired of seeing my posts to the list on 
this subject.  I'll shut up now.  Just wanted everyone to know where 
I'm coming from.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99
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