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Re: [IP] type 1, type 2, or neonatal transient

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, we have done genetic testing.  Most neonatal
diabetics have a trisomy of Chromosome 6.  Maverick did not have that.  As
far as we can tell, he does not have any genetic abnormalities.  We are not
necessarily concerned with just having a name for the condition, we would
like to be prepared with any future affects.  Such as one condition that has
been mentioned pretty heavily is Wolfram's sydrome.  It involves diabetes,
deafness, and blindness.  We do vision exams frequently at the request of
our doctor, but unless he develops the blindness, that can not accurately be
diagnosed.  We are vigilant in the testing because sufferers of this
condition do not generally live past 20.  We would like to know as soon as
possible if this would be affecting him.  For the time being, it does not
look like he has that (thank God), but I just wanted to know if he fell into
the criteria for any other conditions someone might be aware of.
Thanks again, Bridget
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