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Re: [IP] Manipulation?

Lauren Selikoff asked these questions regarding
treatment of frozen shoulder through manipulation:

1) Do I still need physical therapy after? If so, for
how long?

I answer:
You WILL need additional physical therapy
post-manipulation.  The duration of therapy will
depend on your willingness to practice the Rxd
exercises OUTSIDE of the actual therapy time.  I was
released from PT for my R shoulder within 2 or 3 weeks
as I decided to paint the ceilings of my house during
the time I was off work post-manip - GREAT therapy!!

Also - immediately post-manip - while you are still in
recovery - the PT should be there to start rotating
your shoulder.  It is not as painful as the PT you are
having now.  If no PT, then they should provide you
with a machine that moves your shoulder for you.  I
(under the effects of morphine) screamed at the RNs to
get that machine on my shoulder and get me out of bed
NOW - after going 30 minutes without therapy.  I knew
how important it was.  After I "sobered up" they all
thanked me for getting after them - apparently the
surgeon had jumped on them too for not making sure my
therapy was being performed.

Lauren asks:
2) How long does the pain last after the manipulation?

I answer:
Depends.  The pain from the actual frozen shoulder is
GREATLY diminished!!  The pain from the manipulation,
however, was INTENSE for a couple of days.  Then it
started going away.

Lauren asks:
3) Do you see immediate improvement?

I answer:

Lauren asks:
4) Would you do it again, or is it better to just
"play through the pain" for a year or two?

I answer:
YES - I would do it again - IN FACT I ELECTED TO HAVE
successful the manip was for my R shoulder and I
elected to go for it on my L.

Good luck to you, Lauren.  It is painful - but it sure
beats trying to wait it out.  It is similar to ripping
off a bandaid - instead of gradually peeling it away
(ONLY 1000 TIMES WORSE).  I don't want to scare you -
but it is very painful - just not as painful as the
constant "surprise" pain when you move your frozen
shoulder ever so slightly the wrong direction.


-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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