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Re: [IP] Whole blood vs plasma blood glucose levels


Actually, to convert TO Plasma-calibrated from whole-blood calibrated, you 
multiple your whole-blood value by 1.12.  If you want to convert plasma-
calibrated TO whole-blood, then divide your plasma value by 1.12.

Hope that helps.


>Go for the Plasma  values,  Both values are correct!!! BUT plasma will 
>corralate  better with your  laboratory results.  Most of the older 
>meters are set for whole blood, some can be reset to plasma. The newer 
>meters are now set for the standard Plasma levels.  " that is why you 
>hear people upset because their new  meters read higher "
>I believe to calculate your whole blood results to plasma, just multiply 
>the whole blood by 1.5 , Lifescan.com  has a nice article on the 
>plasma/whole blood issue.
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