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Re: [IP] questions about laser surgery on eyes

Hi Julie.

I had laser surgery in the mid 80's and lost my site from it. You are lucky,
now it is much much more computerized and accurate and is pretty painless
and they have a much much higher rate of success with it. They first try the
drops on your eyes and if you can feel it, like I could, they gave me a shot
in the pink part of my lower eye lid. You can see the needle coming at your
eye so be aware of that. Try the drops first, since am certain they are
better these days, and if you can feel the laser some then go for the shot.

I'd say get a second opinion but if this doc spotted it, it is a good idea
to get it done but watch your a1c levels and blood sugars! Inconsistent
blood sugars and high sugars can really cause that. You should try for an
a1c under 6, or even 5.0 to 5.4, for good eye health care. I know of
diabetics that got their a1c's down and the eye condition totally left.

surgery ya know smiles. You'll do fine. Get a second opinion and then if you
have it done, don't worry about it. If you have questions, let me know, I
went through laser for 1 full year but my case was really really rare... a
very aggressive case for a young person in the mid 80's and technology and
computers have really improved the results of laser surgery. BTW the doc I
seen had to do it manually with his own eye/hand and no computers involved
at all!


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> First, questions for those who have had it done...
> What's it like?  How long was recovery time (esp time away from work)?
> you have a shot to numb the eye or drops?  Did they do the whole eye at
> once?  Was there pain during the procedure?  How about pain after?  Did
> vision change at all afterwards?  Did you have one area of the eye done,
> all around the periphery(sp?) (like mine is I think)?  Is it as awful as
> thinking it will be??
> The doc who did my dye study today said I should do it soon, especially
> since I plan to get pregnant in the next 6 months to a year.  My biggest
> question is, how come none of my other docs, opthamologists included, ever
> said this?   I have had docs treat me in such varying ways, I'm wondering
> he's jumping the gun.  I did see the spots he was talking
> about...neovascularsation (sp?)... where the dye was leaking out of the
> new/weak blood vessels.  Is it bad to do this too soon?  I know it's bad
> wait, that's obvious.  Should I get a second opinion or just do as he
> suggests?
> Thanks so much!
> Julie
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