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[IP] Manipulation?

Lots of IP'ers have given me helpful advice on dealing
with my frozen shoulder (thanks, all!), but after
almost 4 months of physical therapy, I'm not much
better, can't afford it any more, and as a result, I'm
ready to have it manipulated. I'd love advice from
anyone who has actually had this done. I'm prepared
for it being massively painful (frankly, it is
anyway), but:

1) Do I still need physical therapy after? If so, for
how long?

2) How long does the pain last after the manipulation?

3) Do you see immediate improvement?

4) Would you do it again, or is it better to just
"play through the pain" for a year or two?

I'd also welcome recommendations on Drs in
NYC/Northern NJ area who I could see about this - my
orthopedist doesn't have any experience with frozen
shoulder and won't do a manipulation.

Thanks all - I really appreciate your help.


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