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Re: [IP] Whole blood vs plasma blood glucose levels

Go for the Plasma  values,  Both values are correct!!! BUT plasma will 
corralate  better with your  laboratory results.  Most of the older 
meters are set for whole blood, some can be reset to plasma. The newer 
meters are now set for the standard Plasma levels.  " that is why you 
hear people upset because their new  meters read higher "
I believe to calculate your whole blood results to plasma, just multiply 
the whole blood by 1.5 , Lifescan.com  has a nice article on the 
plasma/whole blood issue.


Karen Greeff wrote:

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>I have used the Accu Chek Complete for several years and decided to try the
>Precision Xtra. I have received it today and the smaller size of the Precision
>impressed me. The individually wrapped strips is a bit of a hassle though, but
>I can see that it may be an advantage in some circumstances. The real reason I
>chose it though was the ability to test blood ketone levels. ( I am not
>pumping yet and are VERY afraid of ketones and DKA)
>I have compared the test result of the two meters. The Accu Chek is about 30
>mg/dL higher than the Precision.  The inserts for the test strips explains the
>difference: Precision test strips are calibrated to give plasma equivalent
>glucose values and the Accu Chek for glucose testing in whole blood. This is
>somewhat troubling.
>My question: Which one should I believe and which of these values are more
>useful for correction boluses and establishing basal rates?
>Kind regards
>diagnosed: 1982
>Pumping start date: August 12, 2003
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: