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[IP] re: questions about hypoglycemia and diabetes

Your post was very interesting to me.  I was diagnosed with type 1 at age 21.
For years during my childhood I had episodes of what I believe was low blood
sugar.  I knew I could not skip or delay meals, if I did I felt hot, sweaty,
shaky and hungry.  Eating always made me feel better.  I didn't suffer from
these episodes after eating high sugar foods, it was always from not eating on
time.  I also suffered from headaches and went through many investigations as
a child for the cause.  For about 4 months before I was diagnosed I noticed I
could miss/delay meals and not feel bad.  At the time I looked through a
Readers Digest "medical" reference book that we had at home and read about
hypoglycemia and diabetes.  I suspected something was wrong with me.  I read
in that text, that hypoglycemia can be a precursor to diabetes.  I've never
read it anywhere else and I'm not sure how reliable that text is, but it
sounds like in both of our cases we had hypoglycemic episodes before we were
diabetic.  Since my diagnosis I have also had very low blood sugars, but never
passed out.  I often can still function at very low levels.

Dx Dec/92
Pumping since Jan/02
32 wks, 5 days pregnant

<are episodes of
<hypoglycemia signs that a person will eventually develop diabetes?  Type
<1 or 2 or either?  Is there anyone here who was diagnosed as an adult who
<had episodes of low blood sugar YEARS before their diagnosis?
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