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[IP] Whole blood vs plasma blood glucose levels


I have used the Accu Chek Complete for several years and decided to try the
Precision Xtra. I have received it today and the smaller size of the Precision
impressed me. The individually wrapped strips is a bit of a hassle though, but
I can see that it may be an advantage in some circumstances. The real reason I
chose it though was the ability to test blood ketone levels. ( I am not
pumping yet and are VERY afraid of ketones and DKA)

I have compared the test result of the two meters. The Accu Chek is about 30
mg/dL higher than the Precision.  The inserts for the test strips explains the
difference: Precision test strips are calibrated to give plasma equivalent
glucose values and the Accu Chek for glucose testing in whole blood. This is
somewhat troubling.

My question: Which one should I believe and which of these values are more
useful for correction boluses and establishing basal rates?

Kind regards
diagnosed: 1982
Pumping start date: August 12, 2003
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