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Re: [IP] Site in belly

My Joshua has been pumping 3.5 years.  We use the MM Quick set 6mm canula and 
we use the top part of his hiney on both sides as well as both sides of his 
tummy, atleast 2 inces from bellie button.  He has also used the outer aspect 
of his upper thighs and gets great results from these sites.  These usually 
 require a decrease in basals and bolus ratios (thigh sites). Josh is VERY
so he doesn't have a lot of extra fatty tissue but we have been very 
 fortunate that we can use all these site areas and only change every 5 days. He
no scar tissue and does not have any scars on his skin either.  Even his endo 
is amazed.  I use Neosporin on every site after we change it out.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
currently on Dis H-Tron but approved for Deltec Cozmo
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