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[IP] Disetronic production

>  From: "Matt Braun" <email @ redacted>

>  I used a Disetronic HTron+ for 4 years, and never had any problems with
>  I think most of the FDA complications are a result of Disetronic's methods
>  of quality checks during the manufacturing process. From what someone else
>  on this list said recently, the FDA is looking for Disetronic to check
>  each step of the manufacturing process, and they assemble an entire pump,
>  THEN run it through the battery of tests for approval.  <snip>

Made like a fine Swiss watch, which is beyond the comprehension of the U.S.
government bureaucracy. Consequently, the FDA has stopped allowing importation
of Disetronic pumps.  Keep in mind that the U.S. is the only country that bans
their importation.  This will all be over when Roche opens the new Disetronic
production plant in the U.S. next year.

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