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[IP] hypo heart and diabetes

My husband had a chemical stress test and an echocardiogram done for heart 
 evaluation. It appears his heart is only pumping at 12% when it is pumping the
blood out.  The heart isn't just enlarged, according to the cardiologist, it 
is EXTREMLY enlarged.  He'll be having a heart cath done tomorrow and will 
probably be getting a defibulator and pacemaker put in real soon.  I don't 
 understand all the medical terminology as all this came as such a sudden and
shock.  I asked about the effects of hypoglycemia on this condition and the 
doctor said he thinks my husband has diabetes.  He was explaining that the new 
medical theory is that people who have hypoglycemia actually are diabetic.  He 
spoke of the fact that it is a pancreas disorder.  He isn't sure why the 
 heart is so enlarged. My husband had a chest x-ray a year or so ago and at that
time he was told everything was normal.  The doctor said this may have been 
from a viral infection. 
We would appreciate the prayers of those who pray.
Susan (formerly - email @ redacted) Grandmother of Cory - Type 1 age 13
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