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RE: [IP] Diabetes Interview Article on Contact Lenses

>What are anyone's responses (I'll avoid using the word 'reaction' here!)
>to these things? Anyone know if they want people to volunteer for
>testing? Regards, Scott

I don't want to put a fly in the ointment here, but I wear contact lenses, 
have worn them for about 15 years now.  Not everyone can wear them or 
handle the daily care they require.  I don't think you can just stick the 
contacts in your eyes and forget about them. I've been told by my 
optometrist that extended wear lenses are not for me, so anyone else like 
me would have to be willing to do all the daily care that contact lenses 
require.  My husband says he'd rather wear glasses than to put up with all 
I do for the contacts.  And, for most people unaccustomed to wearing 
contacts, they make them so thin and they are very difficult to 
handle.  And, the learning curve of getting used to wearing them, I would 
think that most folks would be gung-ho until they had to stick those things 
in their eyes, and then stick their fingers in there to take them out 
again.  Just my personal opinion here.  I'd rather poke my finger than fool 
around with color changing contact lenses.

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