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RE: [IP] type 1, type 2, or neonatal transient

Bridget, there are 1-2% of diabetics that do not fall into any nice little
neat category, our family being one of them. Maverick would be another. I
don't know what to tell you if the medical professionals have done extensive
testing because you still have to deal with "what-is". Was any genetic
testing preformed? Was he checked for any specific diseases or viral
infection? Have they also ruled out any other autoimmune diseases? I think
we all would like answers, a cure, a quick-fix to many of our ills, but, for
the most part, there are no simple answers and sometimes we waste precious
moments searching for something that isn't there.


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Subject: [IP] type 1, type 2, or neonatal transient

I have seen much discussion about the type of Diabetes everyone has, and it
has led me to a question.  As most of you know, my son Maverick was born
with diabetes.  As rare as that is, it is even more rare not to outgrow it.
They tested his antibodies when he was a month old and told me he was type
2.  Good news they said, because that left a possibility of him outgrowing
it.  A year later, he was retested, and he had one of the antibodies
positive.  (There are actually three different antibodies).  Now they label
him type 1, and declare that he will most likely never outgrow it.   I know
his case is extreme, but I saw that someone said that Type 2's never become
Type 1's, but I guess this is another place where Maverick has to live up to
his name.
    Also, I thought this might be the best place to seek out advice about
Maverick's condition.  He was born with the diabetes, has mild cerebal
palsy, and became deaf by age 2.  We have been searching for an underlying
disease or condition that could be linking these three seemingly different
conditions.  It might help us be better prepared for any other conditions
that might arise.  Maybe one of you might know something.  Any information
would be appreciated.  Thanks, Bridget
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