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[IP] bg crashing, should i lower basal or adjust carb ratio?

Hi everyone...
This mentions some 'women' stuff, so men, you may stop
reading if you want.
My sugar keeps crashing, (last night, 3 hours after
eating I was 49!) I just started my period today - and
went low again.
It is happening about 3 hours after eating:  is this
more likely to be basals that need adjusting or
insulin:carb ratio?  

I ate lunch at 12:30, was 115, 2 hours postprandial,
117, then, at 3:15, I was at 56! 

I'm only on my 2nd month off the pill, so these are my
own hormones kicking in -
Do those of you women who find your basals need
adjusting during your cycle also adjust your insulin
to carb ratio?  
Thanks in advance and I'm sorry if this has been
discussed to death already...


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