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[IP] questions about laser surgery on eyes

First, questions for those who have had it done...
What's it like?  How long was recovery time (esp time away from work)?  Did
you have a shot to numb the eye or drops?  Did they do the whole eye at
once?  Was there pain during the procedure?  How about pain after?  Did your
vision change at all afterwards?  Did you have one area of the eye done, or
all around the periphery(sp?) (like mine is I think)?  Is it as awful as I'm
thinking it will be??

The doc who did my dye study today said I should do it soon, especially
since I plan to get pregnant in the next 6 months to a year.  My biggest
question is, how come none of my other docs, opthamologists included, ever
said this?   I have had docs treat me in such varying ways, I'm wondering if
he's jumping the gun.  I did see the spots he was talking
about...neovascularsation (sp?)... where the dye was leaking out of the
new/weak blood vessels.  Is it bad to do this too soon?  I know it's bad to
wait, that's obvious.  Should I get a second opinion or just do as he

Thanks so much!
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