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Re: [IP] Site in belly

Wow I have the exact opposite problem...can't use anywhere but my tummy and
scar tissue is beginning to form.  Anyway I have read you should stay 1 inch
away from the belly button.  I prefer 2 inches, but then I'm probably bigger
than your daughter ;)  Also make sure the set is not at her waistline so her
pants won't rub it all day.  I have more fatty tissue below the waistline so
I prefer there, but you can do it above too.  My doc had a diagram of the
different places where you could do it... ask her doc or pump rep if they
have one.

> Hello,
> Our daughter  has been pumping for about a year and a half now. We have
> finally almost kinda sorta maybe just maybe convinced her to do a belly
> Problem is, we aren't sure exactly how high/low to put the site. I've
> they should be so far from the belly button, etc.... Can anyone give us
> advice? She is 6 and a gymnast, so she has little to no body fat, just a
> bit of tummy. We  have just started using her leg as she has exclusively
> her bottom as long as she has pumped and I believe has scar tissue that
> affects her absorption.
> Thanks for any and all help!
> Jodi and Dennis
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