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Re: [IP] Re: Type 1 vs. Type

>> Many Type 2 diabetics can, in fact, develop Type 1 diabetes...in that
>> body loses the ability to produce insulin altogether.
>> Ryan

>I don't believe this is a true statement. Just because a T2 pancreas burns
>does not make them a T1. Would make them a T2 "Insulin Dependant" Diabetic.

 Type 1 diabetes is NOT defined as those who have loss insulin-producing ability
by the autoimmune response.  Type 1 is simply those who have lost the ability 
to produce insulin.  The MOST COMMON way people lose this in Type-1 is the 
autoimmune response.

Even the ADA website defines Type 1 in this way.  There are other ways to 
become Type 1 diabetic, including the one example of the person who lost their 
pancreas in an accident, as well as the Type 2 diabetic's pancrease "burning 
out".  In this last case, it is a Type 2 diabetic who developed Type 1 
diabetes.  But, there are plenty of insulin dependant Type 2 diabetics who 
NEVER develop Type 1.  
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