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Re: [IP] Site in belly

 hello about the belly sites , my daughter sadie has had the pump for 2 and a
half years and we have only used her stomach so i could use some info on where
you put your daughters . i cant imagine putting it anywhere else but i would
definitely like to try to give her stomach a rest . i beeive you should put the
site at least an inch away from her belly button. and we go all over her stomach
area and even can go around to the sides a little but they seem to come out
there a little more . we go probably two inches above her belly button line and
about that below if you know what i mean. just pinch her little belly up and put
it in . we use the quickset with the minimed 508. thanks anna, malden missouri

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Our daughter has been pumping for about a year and a half now. We have
finally almost kinda sorta maybe just maybe convinced her to do a belly site.
Problem is, we aren't sure exactly how high/low to put the site. I've heard
they should be so far from the belly button, etc.... Can anyone give us some
advice? She is 6 and a gymnast, so she has little to no body fat, just a tiny
bit of tummy. We have just started using her leg as she has exclusively used
her bottom as long as she has pumped and I believe has scar tissue that
affects her absorption.
Thanks for any and all help!
Jodi and Dennis
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