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RE: [IP] Re: Use of oral agents in teenagers

There is the one syndrome of insulin resistance that many type 2's have but
there are other forms of resistance to insulin that we all get, even the
monthly hormonal swings. As far as I'm concerned, the final chapter on
diabetes hasn't been written yet because research is turning up new facts
all the time. Meanwhile, the name of the game is to keep the glucose as near
to normal as you possibly can, any way you can, by whatever means, pills,
insulin, diet, etc. You're smart, you know the ropes.

Heck, I have a dog with Type 1 and I'm watching his patterns over
months...the dog is not responding "normally" to insulin given and it
changes. I've been yakking about Alex being hypothyroid because of his coat
and a few other symptoms.....well, we finally found it and the longer he is
on the thyroid replacement, the less insulin resistant he is becoming,
another example of "insulin resistance" caused by something other than what
many type 2's have. His insulin requirements are down over 1/3 since
starting on thyroid replacement.....FINALLY! :)


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> Margo

I agree Margo. Is there anything other than true insulin resistance? Would
be false or fake and if so, why the useage of additional insulin. If there
insulin resistance, whether temporary or long term, it is insulin
End of story.

Tina Hudspeth dxd age 28, 1994
On insulin 1996
Pumping 4/10/03 and loving it.
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