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Re: [IP] Disetronic of the future

On 30 Jul 2003 at 0:40, Hal or Jo <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I anticipate that when Disetronic's starts up again, they will
> introduce a new, gee whiz, lemon scented, pump that does everything.

Oh, shoot!   Does that mean they won't have the coconut flavor one?    ;>)

> Remember Roche, who now owns Disetronic, is a very big, successful
> company, and they have the resources to keep the company from
> faltering for too long.
> Long live Disetronic!

 I don't think they are "faltering". Maybe their US operation is going through a
 genesis, but their European and Canadian operations are still quite strong.
They made the
news on the Canadian IP Website:     http://www.insulin-pumpers.ca/

NEWS: Health Canada is allowing the sale of Disetronic pumps in Canada!
 Despite the FDA (in the USA) temporarily suspending Disetronic's license to
sell insulin
 pumps due to "record keeping non-compliance", Health Canada is allowing the
sale of
 Disetronic pumps in Canada. PLease note this suspension does not affect
ability to provide pump supplies to current users.

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