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[IP] Hypoglycemia / heart attack


When we suffer from a hypoglycemic event, our bodies counter with a 
release of epinephrine.  This in turn increases heart rate while 
constricting our blood vessels.  For those who are at risk for a heart 
attack, this creates the ideal conditions (the heart is working harder 
because it is beating faster, but the flow of oxygen is less because the 
blood vessels leading back to the heart are constricted).  I would say 
that a hypoglycemic episode would be similar to excessive exercise.  Both 
may lead a cardiac high risk patient into a myocardial infarction.  Also 
remember that diabetes makes us high risk to begin with. 

Mike from Wisconsin

Subject: [IP] Hypoglycemia and heart attack
My husband has a long history of hypoglycemia and the episodes have become 

more and more frequent in recent weeks.  We have numerous family members 
 type 2 diabetes and a grandchild with type 1. When our grandchild's blood 
is too low he has a rapid heart beat along with other symptoms.  Today, my 

husband started feeling really sick and thinking it might be hypoglycemia, 
ate a candy bar.  He broke out in a sweat that absolutely soaked his 
He had shaking and had dry heaves.  He had no chest pains or other 
 that might make one suspect a heart attack. Someone called the squad who
his blood sugar and said it was a little over 100 but he had irregular 
rhythm.  At the hospital they also said he has an enlarged heart.  They 
monitoring him and considering the possibility that he had a heart attack. 
 seems a little confused - slow responses. My question is, "Does the heart 
off an irregular rhythm during a hypoglycemic episode?"   Have you ever 
of a hypo episode leading to a heart attack?  Of course I am well aware 
anyone can have a heart attack so I am not saying that the heart problem 
necessarily related to a blood sugar problem. 
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