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[IP] Ketoacidosis in type 2

>>Is this true??  This is the first time I've ever heard this.  I'd 
>>thought ketoacidosis occurred almost exclusively in type 1's.

>>If it does occur in type 2, what causes it?  Does the body just 
become SO
>>insulin resistant that it can't use any of the (probably large 
amounts) of
>>circulating insulin?  Or does it occur when a type 2's pancreas 
>>"burns out" and stops producing insulin (which would make them, in 
>>a type 1, although not an autoimmune-related type 1)?  Since 
>>is the result of a critical lack of insulin, I'm curious as to what 
>>trigger it in someone with type 2.

The site I referrenced is a companion site to "Pumping Insulin", and 
seems to contain primary the writings of the author John Walsh, MD, so 
I am going to assume its true.

According to the many references I've read, trying to understand what 
happened to me (why oral meds along won't work, why I can't get decent 
control on MDI, etc.) is that for some reason, not really known, Type 2 
diabete's pancreas do shut down.  Sometimes they start up again, and 
work fine after that -- my cousin has seen this in many of her cases.

FYI:  I'm extremely lucky, my cousin is a PhD phamarcist at a major 
teaching university and works with VA patients who are diabetics with 
cardiovascular risks of complications -- which describes exactly my 
father and both of his parents.  I'm the third generation known to 
develop diabetes in their 40s.  Hopefully I will not be the third 
generation which drops dead of cardiovascular complications within 5 
years of diagnosis.

The theory in my case is that I was that I had "pre-diabetes" for 
several years, was able to keep it under control until an insurance 
agency insisted on a glucose tolerance test before allowing my doctor 
to deal with the pre-diabetes.  When I left the glucose tolerance test, 
blood sugar was over 500.  Vision was blurred and I have never been 
more angry in my life.  This was on a Friday, and on Monday vision was 
still blurred and a blood sugar test at the doctor's office read 550.  
It took 6 weeks on oral medications to bring it down to less than 400.  
That's why I was put on insulin.  However, cousin usually sees the 
insulin production kick back in if it is going to with 3 months of 

My doctor figured she was seeing the typical honeymoon period but the 
cousin hasn't see the pancreas stop again in her patients like is seen 
with the younger type 1 patients.

At any rate, between the possibility of keoacidosis in type 2 and the 
possibility of hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome
I prefer to believe I'm insulin dependent.

And man oh man, do I have sympathy for the kiddos with diabetes.  Since 
I've been diagnosed, I've been assigned by the school nurse and the 
special ed department to be the liason between our diabetic students 
and anyone else who needs to deal with them.  All it takes to get 
either side to listen to me is to whip out my insulin pens.  So far, 
none of our babies have access to pumps, but most of our kiddos are low 
income, but maybe that will start changing with my education.  
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