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[IP] Re: future pumps at D


I know the tone that I took w/ my post, but when other readers respond 
with ignorance of the Disetronic embargo on current pumps and/or 
downright disinformation, I will make my views known.  Perhaps they 
didn't know the issues, and if so, then my counter would be to not 
contribute to rumors and falsehoods if they weren't sure.  The 
information is in the public domain, and was discussed pretty 
thoroughly on IP as well.

I wish I could empathize with your feelings about my post; but ever 
since a few weeks back when there was a disagreeement about language on 
IP, where one RUDE poster resorted to telling a fellow IP'er to kiss 
her a$$, and even discussed felatio, without nary a warning from IP and 
she actually received praise from other posters.....well let's just say 
I won't begin to worry about scolding someone for spreading said 

>>> "Looks like some people have problems w/ reading comprehension
>>> and that comprehension extends to the subject line as well."

>Im the last person in the world, to bring up "Polite", but, as i read 
>regardless of the Question, or the Subject,
>That Response, was down right ignorant....... 
>even more ignorant, then me (or is that 'I' ?)
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