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Re: [IP] Re: Type 1 vs. Type

>> Many Type 2 diabetics can, in fact, develop Type 1 diabetes...in that
>> body loses the ability to produce insulin altogether.
>> Ryan

>I don't believe this is a true statement. Just because a T2 pancreas burns

>does not make them a T1. Would make them a T2 "Insulin Dependant" Diabetic.

OH,.... your SO right... my pancreas, was attacked by my body, and no longer
produces insulin....
 someones elses pancreas stoped, for some other reason, and doesnt produce

if i take a train to new york, and you took a plane, are we both in New York
????? (dont give me Newark, isnt in New York)

Lets make it simple, shall we.....

Were it the heart, instead,  YOU would be more DEAD then ME ??????????????
(what-a think... can we agree on that ?)
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