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Re: [IP] visually impaired

On 7/30/03 9:57 AM, "jhughey" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated stellar typing
skills by writing:

>  Wouldn't that making *snipping* to just a few relevant
> sentences even more courteous when a response is posted? Some very long
> posts are reposted when replying, which also eat up digest space.

Yeah, gee...I proved I was human and ...<gasp!!>...made an error! I be's
soooo sowwy!

Please, with all the other stuff going on, I didn't think my occasional post
would hurt you.

I have a Mac, and it also has a text reader -included. Not sure about Win XP
and the newer systems, but in my PC days, I had to pay extra for a third
party app that would read to me, and "Jaws for Windows" was completely out
of my price range at over $500.00.

Off to have more coffee so I don't ruin everyone's day...

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Jenny Sutherland
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