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[IP] Re: later onset DM

 --- On Wed 07/30, jhughey < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: jhughey [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted: Wed, 30
Jul 2003 11:02:54 -0500Subject: [IP] Re: later onset DMLet me emphasize two
words in the above: "MOST people who develop diabetesin later life can be
controlled. . ." And, "Late onset diabetes USUALLYmeans that a person. . ."
Therefore, nothing is set in concrete. There isnow an epidemic of children with
Type-2 and many adults dx'd with Type-1.That is the reason these *conditions*
were renamed T-1 and T-2, shedding theJuvenile Onset DM and Adult Onset DM. The
medical terms had to changebecause they no longer fit all situations. Hey, even
pumps have beendeveloped in just the last few decades, as well as home BG
 Jan, you are correct. But there is also evidence (and no, I can't quote the
source right now but give me a day or so and I will...I just have to get it from
another list) that Type II lurks for years before it manifests itself enough for
diagnosis. Usually 5-10 years is the accepted norm for type II's. I have
peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes. My neuropathy was diagnosed within 3
months of my diabetes. And it was severe enough at the time to qualify me as
disabled. To do that, my neuropathy had to be there for years prior to my
diagnosis of my diabetes. Notice I said, diagnosis. Looking back on the symptoms
of my neuropathy, I had it close to 15 years prior to my DM diagnosis. And
diabetes usually doesn't start damaging the nerves for a couple of years
anyway...actually, I should say, *pre-diabetes or insulin resistance*. Now let's
do the math. I'm 49 now, I was diagnosed with PN while 44. (it was Feb 1999 and
I just turned 49 recently). Subrtract 15 from that....makes
  me 29. Take a year or so off from that...I was probably 27 or 28 when I
started this journey.
 Actually, I know exactly when I started this journey now, thanks to a hormone
test my gyn gave me just a few months ago that confirmed what I have known in my
head for about the last four years, ever since I read about it and saw the list
of symptoms. I was 13. That was the year I started cause that was the year I
started puberty. You see, mine is hormonal and there wasn't anything I could
have done to stop this. I have PCOS. And that is one of the reasons I learned to
count carbs, that is one of the reasons I begged to be placed on insulin, and
that is one of the reasons I am so glad I got approved for the pump. But even
with inulin and the pump, I still have to limit my carbs.
 But just for the record...the term for children with type II is MODY just as
those adults with type I's are LADA's. MODY stands for Maturity Onset Diabetes
of the Young. Liz

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