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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #423

So according to this philosophy where would I fit in?  I was dx at age
17-closer to 18 than 17 so am I not a type 1 because I never had to content
with shooting up for 10 year old's birthday cake or PE when I was low? So
being that I only got this then- when I was 5 days off from heading to
college do I then have pre-College but post-childhood onset diabetes?  what
if I stayed home instead- would it be figuring-out-what-to-do-with-my-life
onset diabetes?  If you want people to know that you suffered through
childhood with this miserable no matter how you label it disease- tell
people who ask when you got it.  I will always be a type 1-when people ask
"well weren't you a little old to get juvenile diabetes?"  I always answer
with how Type 1 differs from Type 2- and I welcome the chance to educate.
Also- I have a friend of our family who has been Type 1- since age 12- not
because of any immune attacks or any other such thing- he was in a car
accident and physically lost his pancreas.  He pumps with the best of
 They didn't know what I had for a couple of days at that time because we
were waiting for lab results which showed us that I am Type 1....
I thought the classifications were all quantitative tests...
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Subject: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #416

My philosophy is, you are not really a Type 1 (former juvenile diabetic)

 unless you were diagnosed as a child. If you haven't been a child
taking shots
dealing with diabetes, I don't care what the medical community calls it,
are not really a Type 1. Unless you have walked a mile in my shoes,
 think you know what juvenile diabetes is. I personally think that there
a new classification.
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