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[IP] Re: Hypo and heart attack

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 23:27:06 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Hypoglycemia and heart attack

Hi Susan-
I don't know about heart attack- but I have SVT (rapid, uncontrollable
heartbeat/rhythm-I've had surgery for it but still need meds
sometimes-caused by an errant pathway in the heart)-and the only thing that
has ever triggered it was hypoglycemia...Before I had the ablation if I
dropped below 80 my heart would race up to 300bpm suddenly and not come back
down....I think the stress hormones released during hypoglycemia definitely
affect more than just a foggy head and a little shakiness!  Hypoglycemia-
whether d related or stand alone is not fun!
What a scary day-hope all is well or on the road there!
Big hug
email @ redacted

My husband has a long history of hypoglycemia and the episodes have become
more and more frequent in recent weeks.  We have numerous family members
 type 2 diabetes and a grandchild with type 1. When our grandchild's blood
is too low he has a rapid heart beat along with other symptoms.  Today, my
husband started feeling really sick and thinking it might be hypoglycemia,
ate a candy bar.  He broke out in a sweat that absolutely soaked his
He had shaking and had dry heaves.  He had no chest pains or other symptoms
 that might make one suspect a heart attack. Someone called the squad who
his blood sugar and said it was a little over 100 but he had irregular heart
rhythm.  At the hospital they also said he has an enlarged heart.  They are
monitoring him and considering the possibility that he had a heart attack.
 seems a little confused - slow responses. My question is, "Does the heart
off an irregular rhythm during a hypoglycemic episode?"   Have you ever
of a hypo episode leading to a heart attack?  Of course I am well aware that
anyone can have a heart attack so I am not saying that the heart problem is
necessarily related to a blood sugar problem.
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