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Re: [IP] Re: Type 1 vs. Type 2

>I guess there will always be a lot of disagreement about the names.
>I would never assume that I could possibly understand what you
>as a child HOWEVER, I am a type 1 and have always been a type 1 and 
>nothing else.  I was diagnosed when I was 24 and in a coma,  almost dead
>in ketoacidocis (spl?)  From that point I've never taken anything but

 Be aware that type 1 and type 2 diabetes are completely different diseases that
CAN, in fact, coexist.

Type 1 diabetes means that your body no longer has the ability to produce 
insulin.  It doesn't matter WHEN you get it.  If you body does NOT produce 
insulin of it's own, it is Type 1.  If your body DOES produce insulin of its 
own, but you still require injecting insulin, then you are Type 2.  

Type 2 diabetes means that you are essentially insulin resistant (when you sum 
it all up).  Basically, your body has lost its ability to adequately regulate 
your BGL and/or it is unable to use the insulin properly.

Many Type 1 diabetics can, in fact, develop Type 2 diabetes, often not knowing 
it.  In this case, the Type 1 diabetic develops insulin resistance, etc.

Many Type 2 diabetics can, in fact, develop Type 1 diabetes...in that their 
body loses the ability to produce insulin altogether.

Many Type 2 diabetics, however, are insulin dependant WITHOUT being Type 
1...that is, they still can and do produce insulin, but require additional 
insulin to help.  My wife is in this category.  Often, this is referred to has 
Insulin-dependant diabetes as opposed to type 1.

So, just because someone takes insulin doesn't make them type 1.

When you get the disease doesn't matter...only that Type 1 diabetes is 
TYPICALLY diagnosed as a juvenile.  Many juveniles, today, are developing Type-
2 diabetes, as well.  

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