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Re: [IP] vision impairment and insulin pumps

The Paradigm is both able to beep with certain tones, as well as vibrate,
depending on what it's doing.  For instance, if you use the "easy bolus"
feature, when you push the "up" arrow several times to achieve a certain
amount, it will confirm the amount you're going to inject by beeping in
ascending tones, just so you're positive it's the correct amount before you
hit "act" again to begin the bolus.  It will also do the same thing if you
have it on vibrate (it'll vibrate once for each easy-bolus dose you've
programmed), so that you're able to confirm that you've hit the "up" button
the correct number of times before injecting yourself.

Fortunately for myself, my vision is still OK, but I think Paradigm's
features cold help me if it weren't.

Best of luck..

Dan Sprehe
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> Hi.
> I am new to the list and have been a type 1 diabetic for 25 years. I was
> diagnosed at age 5 and am 31 now. I am currently using insulin shots to
> manage my diabetes and am considering going onto a pump for tighter
> but am blind.
> I lost my eyesight from diabetic retinopathy at age 17. All other body
> functioning properly smile.
> Is there anyone on the list who is visually impaired, having some site, or
> blind like me? If so, can you suggest an insulin pump that is somewhat
> accessible prior to me purchasing one?
> I know that no insulin pump is speech enabled but perhaps models that
> when you press the button to release insulin or anything that might help a
> blind person use a pump.
> Even people who are sighted -- if you have brands/models that beep when
> press the button to release insulin or that beep when your line is kinked
> that beep when you are out of insulin etc. Can you recommend any brands
> models that are accessible for someone with low vision or no vision at
> Thanks
> Justin
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