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[IP] Why is important to know if you are T1 or T2


Just my 2 cents - 

Although I agree that the 'tone' of this subject has been kind of harsh, I
do believe it IS very important for people to be clear on what type of
Diabetic *they* are.  

Since we have agreed that no other Dr. will know you better than yourself, I
believe people should be aware if the cause of their D is due autoimmune or
not.  There are other autoimmune problems that people with T1 have higher
chances of developing than T2s or non-D and that the patient (us or the
child for PoP) need to be more aware off their symptoms so you can start
'nagging' your endo to do the particular tests required or even bring it up
when discussing the symptoms.

Another reason is that to my knowledge (feel free to correct me if I am
wrong) *most* T2 will not get DKA if their pump malfunctions (they will get
high readings that will make them fell lousy but not DKA.)  This is a big
issue for T1s that has to be kept present at all time (at least I do.)
Knowing that you only have ~4hrs (Humalog's tail) to get insulin is very
frightening.  I always keep my vial and a syringe with me.  Someone that is
a T1  needs to know the symptoms of DKA and know how/what to do prevent
it/treat it or ask for help.

Also, the chances of inheriting diabetes changes depending on the type.  My
understanding is that T2 has much higher chances of being inherited than T1
(since there needs to be the so called 'environmental' factor - yet to be
determined what it is- to set of the chain of events that develops T1.)

I for one, was diagnosed at 25 (at 11 am) as T1 and put on Insulin that
afternoon (I had all the classic symptoms that developed with in a month)
Although my age was throwing them off, the quickness of the symptoms, my
BMI, and BGR determined that I should be put on 70/30 (I can't believe I was
not put on humalog or at least 75/25 from the get go.)  Two days later, I
had my first endo appointment and a GAD test was ordered.  It showed to be
positive (but in the low side of the range.)  

I do agree that I cannot compare my experiences with that of a child growing
up with this disease.  I had a 'happy' childhood with very few injections
(due to ear infections or normal child stuff - one or two once a year
maybe.) But I do believe it is important to keep the facts straight so
everyone can keep up with their own medical situation.  I am also glad that
it hit me at 25 when I can keep a very tight control from the get go and not
have to keep a safer/higher range due to my inability to express myself to
my parents and let them know I am going low (like many of our fellow very
young pumpers.)

In general though, both types do face with the same grim future of unknowns.
Both types try their best to keep 'in-control' and pray that their 'genes'
will help them along while a CURE is found (although clearly there will be a
need for TWO (2) cures since we have two different causes.)

Eloisa and Libertad (MM's 511 Paradigm)
dx'd 2/11/02 pumping 6/02
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