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[IP] Re: Disetronic/Roche future plans

We are making inquiries about Roche/Disetronic's intentions as to the 
nature of the next generation pump (like whether or not they will utilize 
the  3 ml Lilly Humalog cartridges like the current generation of D-tron 
pumps) and whether they will upgrade users of the current model without 
extra costs.  These are important considerations for patients, and I will 
report back when I learn something.

Pumper since Thanksgiving

 >Does anyone know where I can look to get information about the
> >"new,small,  sophistocated, , exte generation pump" that Disetronic
> >introduce to the U.S.
> >when they get this stuff with the Fda sorted out?
> >I'd like to read more about it.
>No information directly from Disetronic directly, other than that it is
>due to be released in mid 2004 when their US manufacturing facility is
>open for business.  I was also told, that the recent warning letters wrt
>the FDA inspections would probably help in getting a new pump since some
>insurance companies don't like replacing pumps less than <4 years old.
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