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[IP] Radio links for meters, pumps and remotes

Actually, lots of the medical devices used in hospitals use RF (which is why 
they are paranoid about them). But, low-power RF signals such as used on the 
Paradigm pump would likely not cause any problems whatsoever. THe amount of 
power in a cell phone's RF signal is orders of magnitude stronger than in the 

And, actually, most modern medical equipment is not susceptible to the RF 
 frequences that cell phones use as they were even 10 years ago. The cell phone
ban in most hospitals today is because either they are still using older 
equipment OR they are legacy rules because of fears from the past.

I do recall, however, a story from about 10 years ago where a radio station 
went on-line at some new frequency, and all of a sudden a bunch of stuff 
stopped working in a nearby hospital.  The radio station had to shut down 
temporarily, but in the end it was the hospital who was responsible because 
many of the hospital devices were operating at frequences regulated for other 
 uses by the FCC. That is why, today, most new equipment in hospitals are using
frequences that are considered "legal" by the FCC, to avoid such problems.

>Biomedical engineers are very paranoid about any RF brought into hospitals,
>thus, no cell phones are allowed.  Of course, we are talking about much lower
>power transmitters than cell phones, but I wonder if any hospital would
>knowingly allow them.  Just a thought, I may be way off.
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