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Re: [IP] MiniMed..What Next!

 First of all, there isn't any alternative for Paradigm pump supplies. They are
 MM proprietary. (They actually HAVE to be. The locking system on the Paradigm
is what ensures the pump can remain watertight, which is why they don't work 
with the standard luer-lock sets.)

 Anyhow, I'm not "skeptical" of the practice...but you do realize it is ILLEGAL,
 don't you? Insulin pumps are prescription-only medical devices, and the person
who sold you a pump on E-bay was breaking the law.  As far as the law is 
concerned it about be like someone selling prescription drugs on-line, such as 
morphine, without a prescription.

 But, in general, I do think the whole situation with Minimed and them demanding
back the pumps is quite rediculous.  Unfortunately, all it takes it one error 
entered into the computer to start this whole problem.  :-(


>I have made the decision to never purchase ANYTHING from MM again.  I had a
>508 that went bad two months after the warranty ran out and they told me the
>only way to get it fixed was to purchase another warranty for $495.  The
>answer....Ebay!  I have had a 508 that I bought from someone who upgraded to a
>Paradigm for less than MM's warranty.  I also buy all of my sets off of Ebay.
>Some people may be skeptical of this practice but (knock on wood) I keep
>myself with plenty of supplies and MM hasn't seen a dime from me since!
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