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Subject: [IP] MiniMed..What Next!

Hi Chance and everyone!
Hope all is well!
May not help you- but I've had to get my Disetronic pump supplies through
minimed for the past 2 years- without a problem--when I called Disetronic
questioning this at first they said "oh sure, we carry their supplies as
well--all of us share the goal of making pumping available to everyone" and
followed up saying lots of people have insurance problems (distributors not
supported) that make this the only way to get the supplies...If I were you
I'd call my ins co. and ask if the other pump co. are in network...My
insurance of course wants me to call all their DME suppliers first- which
never works (medi-rents etc)...
Now my RX insurance (seperate from health insurance) covers my pump
disposables at a co-pay (and yes it's a $50-75 copay for each individual
pumping item with battaries and ivprep and tegaderm unsupported) but does
offer them through mail order (it's Caremark RX Request)...
Best of luck!
email @ redacted

And how
difficult is it to get infusion sets from another insulin pump company such
as Disetronic, etc...even though you have a MM pump?  I thought about trying
a mail order Rx company, but didn't know if this would work.  Any
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