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[IP] Joslin Certificate/Medal

I think it would be worth applying to the Joslin 25/50 year certificate/medal
program just to contribute another positive statistic.  I was sent to Joslin
32 years ago for "training" in how to survive my newly diagnosed Type 1 DM.  I
came away ravaged with their horror stories.  I was convinced that I would
have a sad, difficult and limited life, would probably lose an appendage or
two along the way, would certainly go blind before I died a horrible death,
and soon.  So, I am delighted to let Joslin know that, in my case, they were
wrong.  Whether it's true or not, Joslin has remained a symbol to me of the
"doom & gloom" approach to "training" a person with diabetes.  If my joyous
survival can contribute to "lightening up" Joslin's approach, that alone is
worth getting myself counted.  And, besides, I'd love the acknowledgement.  We
all know that it's a job of enormous magnitude to manage this "disorder", this
"condition".  Kudos to us all!
Lee & her Paradigm Beep
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