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Re: [IP] A scary philosphy!!!

I simply had to respond to this...I generally don't get into emailing this 
type of stuff, but htis was over the top...I felt like I was reading something 
out of the National Enquirer. 

Let me begin by saying...when I ws diagnosed, my sugar was 1162 mg/dl (64.5 
mmol/L) and I spent two days on a ventilator.  I have no recollection of the 
 first two or three days. I lost 60 pounds in about 5 weeks, and had the classic
three P's - poly uria, polydyspia, and polyphagia.  I was one SICK puppy...or 
as one of my little patients says " 'ick 'uppy"  (she has a problem with 
beginning sounds)...

I was 20 years old...this is the hardest thing I will ever go through (I 
 hope) and while I may not have walked a mile in your shoes exactly, you haven't
walked in mine, either. I asked many many nurses about what they believe 
 diabetes is, and 80 % of them have told me it is when the pancreas stops
working, and
stops producing insulin...and that the patient needs (read: the patient will 
die)insulin to live.  I would like to know where you went to nursing 
 school...remind me never to go there...and, if all you do is read charts for a
then stay away from me, sister.  I want the nurses with the practical 
 knowledge, not the head knowledge, or their own self-rightous goofy philosophy
on me.  

Diabetes sucks, no matter how old a person is at diagnosis...diabetes as a 
child has its own unique problems and issues...I deal with them every 
 day...however, every one I have ever asked about how old they would have
preferred to
 have been when diagnosed, either very young or older, has said they were glad
was when they were young, and that it is all they have ever known.  how easy 
it is to get caught up in idealism and bureaucratic nonsense.

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